About Verdanterra

Dedicated Energy Infrastructure Specialists.

Verdanterra is an environmental, land survey, and engineering consulting firm, driven by innovative professionals committed to providing exceptional customer service. We understand quality does not need to be sacrificed to gain efficiency. Our company offers responsive and cost-effective solutions created by experts who understand the changing demands of the energy industry.

Verdanterra is a small business with expertise that far exceeds its size. We have worked on large capital projects across the country, including some of the largest interstate energy development projects in the past five years. Our size allows us to bring a valuable perspective to these large projects, as we constantly seek to define more efficient ways to execute projects and solve problems.

Our Values

At Verdanterra, we believe the most satisfying aspects of consulting are establishing trust with our clients and building strong relationships with complementary firms. In consulting - just as in life - trust is earned. Integrity in operations and relentless effort to complete project objectives are critical to building trust and earning a relationship worthy of being defined as a partnership. We are proud to have built a company composed of people who approach each day guided by these principles.

Expansive Industry Knowledge

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